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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Lombard Victims of Heinous Hate Crimes and Criminal Disaster Demolition

Lombard Caused Criminal Disaster & Tragedy for the Hung Family in DuPage County, Illinois USA
from Gardenia Hung on Vimeo.

Unauthorized trespassers allowed by the Village of Lombard Police, pulled out roofing and wooden structure beams from the Lombard home owned by Mr. Roberto Hung and Family at 502 S. Westmore-Meyers Road and Washington Boulevard, one block northeast from St. Pius X Catholic Church and School and one block south from Westmore Elementary School during June 18, 2005.

Lombard Police jumped over the existing surrounding fence at the Hung Family's home and destroyed roofing and wooden structures leaving the rubble on the lawn, damaging existing plant borders, and trampling the lawngrass.

Over winter, the Village of Lombard allowed the uncovered roofing damages to deteriorate without assisting the Hung Family as Lombard resident homeowners to repair the criminal disaster and covering up for the unauthorized trespassers in DuPage County, Illinois USA.

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