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Saturday, June 15, 2013

“He Never Tells Her Why He Never Pays Her” Ever

“He Never Tells Her Why He Never Pays Her” Ever since the Hung-Wittler Family moved to the Village of Lombard as resident homeowners and taxpayers, where they lived at 502 South Westmore-Meyers Road and Washington Boulevard by St. Pius X Catholic Church and School community at the corner of Madison Street and Westmore-Meyers Road in District 5, York Township, DuPage County, in the State of Illinois, USA. Other Lombard homeowners who never ever pay for Lilac Town real estate property and never complete payment on the real estate holding get large lump sums of cash money to leave the Village of Lombard. While the Daughter of Roberto Hung never gets any cash lump sum for the Lombard Historic Bungalow he purchased on September 2nd, 1993. Others come and go with Lombard real estate cash from Roberto Hung’s Lombard real estate investment at 502 S. Westmore Avenue, but the Daughter who worked for her Father and helped to purchase the real estate property “Never Gets Any Money From The Real Estate Transactions nor the Court Settlements in Roberto Hung’s Name Post-Humously”. For the last twenty-one (21) years, cash has been flowing in and out from the Village of Lombard on behalf of Roberto Hung and Family after they purchased two (2) Lombard homes in York Township, DuPage County, Illinois USA. However, Roberto Hung Never Ever received any lump sum real estate payment from Lombard upon his retirement because he was abused, beaten, tortured, and severely injured so that he become a Traumatic Brain Injury disabled homeowner after suffering a stroke from an aneurysm at home on December 22, 1996—following the full purchase of the Lombard Historic Bungalow. The Daughter has also been kidnapped four (4) times, abused, tortured, and severely injured with hits to the head so that she become hospitalized, unconscious, and unable to stand in a court hearing as an Illinois Victim of Crimes, while she was a Lombard resident homeowner, working full-time, and returning home late from work in Illinois. “He Never Tells Her Why He Never Pays Her” because he deliberately withholds police reports, court records, and witnesses’ statements identifying the perpetrators and the criminals who persecute her and harass her subsconsciously. The Psychiatrist who treated the Daughter of Roberto Hung as an unconscious and conscious Illinois Victim of Crimes paid large lump sums of money to the State of Illinois to withhold and remove his name and those of the staff from Northeastern Illinois University, the University of Illinois at Chicago, Madonna High School, and Avondale Elementary School from appearing on records, so that the Daughter Never Knows Who Harms Her, Harasses Her, and Persecutes as an Illinois Victim of Heinous Hate Crimes. “He Never Tells Her Why He Never Pays Her” Ever since Roberto Hung purchased Lombard real estate property. The Mother knows why the homosexual gay and lesbian people she knows wanted her Daughter to live in Lilac Town, pretending that she has to be prostituting herself to live homeless on the streets of DuPage County, Illinois USA. The Daughter was married by law on June 18, 1988 before a Justice of the Peace at City Hall in Chicago, Illinois USA. The Mother whose name is the same as the Daughter of Roberto Hung has friends who wanted them to leave in Lilac Town, so that they would have to purchase Lombard real estate property to DuPage Realtors and pay more money in Illinois. “He Never Tells Her Why He Never Pays Her” Ever because the Mother abuses her Daughter’s Civil Rights and Civil Procedure pretending that she is the senior head of household in the family; when the Mother never ever contacts the Daughter nor does she communicate with the woman who is 54 years old and an Illinois Victim of Heinous Hate Crimes. Court Settlements and Real Estate Transactions have been paid in cash on behalf of Mr. Roberto Hung and Family, but “He Never Ever Tells Why He Never Pays Her”, the Daughter who has been the representative of Roberto Hung’s household and kept the house for him during his lifetime at 502 S. Westmore-Meyers Road and Washington Boulevard in District 5, York Township, DuPage County, Illinois USA. Because he keeps the money to pay for himself and other parasites around him and the Mother who never calls the Daughter or includes her in the social and business transactions surrounding the Estate of Mr. Roberto Hung and Family. The Daughter Never Ever Gets Any Money from the problems caused by the Mother and her friends. “He Never Tells Her Why He Never Pays Her” and the Mother “Never Ever Tells The Daughter What She Has Done To Mr. Roberto Hung and Family”, because he was murdered at Vencor Northlake Hospital on June 18, 1998 by Ben Aguilar, the Respiratory Therapist under the supervision of Dr. Raied Abdullah, M.D. and Dr. Paul Grodzin, M.D., and Janelle Nance R.N., Director of Nursing at Vencor Northlake Hospital in Cook County and Elmhurst Memorial Hospital in DuPage County, Illinois USA.

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