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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Essay: Lilac Town is A Real Estate Heaven in The Western Suburbs by Gardenia c. Hung on ScribeSlice

Essay: Lilac Town is A Real Estate Heaven in The Western Suburbs by Gardenia c. Hung on ScribeSlice

My Brother and Mother got away to the western suburbs from the Windy City when they purchased a Lombard Family Home with a $10,000 cash downpayment from my Father's Retirement Savings Funds and settled near Sacred Heart Catholic Church and Lilacia Park in York Township, DuPage County, Illinois. They were lured by the fragrance of the lilacs and the showcase of the Lilac Parade in May. A year later, they convinced my Father to purchase a second family home in Lilac Town near St. Pius X Catholic Church and School, Westmore Elementary School, the Community Church, and the Illinois Secretary of State Motor Vehicles Facility at the Eastgate Shopping Center. Madison Meadows Park added a plus during the Fourth of July Lombarfest only one block within walking distance to watch Independence Day fireworks and rock music concerts booming all night nearby...our second Lombard house.

The Village of Lombard is a real estate haven for family looking to live the America Dream of owning your own home in the western suburbs...far away from the maddening crowd.

The big surprise came after Lombard Real Estate property taxes skyrocketed from $2,500 for the original Lombard home to $5,999, ten (10) years after September 2, 1993. In addition, the Lombard Water and Sewage Billing Charges began to escalate three times as much, especially when our family was working and not flushing the toilet, washing, or doing dishes in the kitchen.

What makes Lilac Town unique? Not only are the lilacs fragrant to visitors, but also to intruders who trespassed in my Lombard garden to cut off branches from my Lilac Bush. Trespassers also entered through the shed door and made themselves at home when our family members were working.

Unexpected incidents began to take place after our family members returned home from work, especially after midnight. While people were sleeping, Lombard intruders walked into our bedroom and started to pull us from the Master Bed, injecting drugs to silence screaming. Kidnappings after midnight take place in Lilac Town. Entrapment and Police Crime really ruins Lilac Town for everyone. 1 comment
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In the summer of 2004, the original plumbing pipes in the old house built in 1927 began to leak and wear out.  Demins Plumbing from Downers Grove began to repair and replace the old plumbing pipes with new ones at our own homeowners' expense.  Then, the second bathroom plumbing pipe began to leak upstairs and burst flooding water from the second floor to the first floor and onto the basement.  The water main valve was shut-off permanently to prevent further flooding.  There was no Lombard Water Service due to old plumbing piping which required to be updated in the old Lombard home.

During June 18, 2005, Lombard intruders jumped the adjoining garden fence and trespassed into the garden damaging the existing lawn and pulling off the roofing wooden structure, tearing shingles and pulling off the boards onto the Lombard garden borders ruining all the flowerbeds and strawberry patches planted there.

The Village of Lombard allowed trespassers to ruin Lilac Town homeowners' real estate property by ordering roofing damages and losses at the corner of Westmore-Meyers Road and Washington Boulevard in York Township, DuPage County, Illinois.

On November 5, 2008, our Lombard home was demolished and our family became homeless.

A lot of Lombard homeowners become homeless in the western suburbs.

The Village of Lombard purchased the empty lot and starting ruining the existing landscape by cutting up the Stark Brothers Golden Delicious Apple Tree and the Roses.

Now our Lombard real estate property is up for sale, after thieves have been stealing our belongings from the garage.

The moral of the story is that Lilac Town real estate property costs the life of my father and took up all of his 401K retirement savings funds from his life's work in Illinois, after he purchased two (2) Lombard homes in York Township, DuPage County, Illinois USA.

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